Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial


A degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is a passport to a successful career. We are recognised globally for the quality of our teaching.

At the Internacional Office, we offer administrative support and guidance for incoming students.


  Fall Spring

Erasmus Nomination deadline

Other Mobility Programmes Nomination deadline

1st June

15th April

15th November

15th October

Application deadline 15th June 1st December

Preferred method of nomination

Magalhaes Programme nomination

Email: Incoming.etsidi@upm.es

Set by UPM International Mobility Office: magalhaes@upm.es

Language requirements

Spanish B1 level (recommended)
English B2 level (official certificate is mandatory only for the English for Professional and   Academic Communication subject)

Courses offered Degree Programs