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Join our EELISA Community: Industrial Design for Human (ID4H)

If you are a ETSIDI student, researcher, faculty or staff member you can now be part of the online platform and participate in the Community activities.

The European Commission approved in 2020 the EELISA alliance (European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance) led by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), within the European Universities Initiative.

The UPM together with 9 other prestigious universities from Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Switzerland, has since formed an alliance that brings together students, faculty and administration staff members with the aim of generating a deep transformation in Higher Education and defining the figure of the "European Engineer", recognizable both for its technical competence and its understanding of social challenges.

EELISA Communities are established within this alliance and are the place where Education, Research, Innovation and public debate coexist and connect, enhancing the bond between Engineering and Society. Countries and institutions take part in the Communities as multidisciplinary teams focused around the Global and European Agendas, in particular regarding the SDGs and the Green Deal.

The main goal in our EELISA Community Industrial Design for Human (ID4H) is:

 “To Transform Higher Education to impact Society.”

  • Our mission: To empower human beings and improve quality of life through industrial design, innovation, creativity, and visionary thinking it generates efficient products, and services to cover daily needs.
  • Our values: We want to address social, environmental, and economic challenges facing humanity ahead.

If you want to be a part of our Community, please join the online platform in just 3 steps:

  1. Sign-up with your UPM email address
  2. Find your Community (Industrial Design for Human - ID4H)
  3. Be part of activities


On this platform, all EELISA Communities can promote their mission and communicate, coordinate and disseminate their educational and research activities.

Check our social media accounts to find more information about ID4H: Twitter | Instagram